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Helping Other Small Business Owners

The luxery of being your own's priceless. As the years go by I've come to realize that this is what I want. This is what we all want! Some people dream it, and some people make it happen. I am somewhere in between at the moment. I'm working my hardest to make my dream happen and I've found that I want to help others achieve their dreams as well. How you ask?

By using my skills to help others just like me have a beautiful online presence. I've started offering other small business owners the opportunity of headshots, lifestyle and product photos for their businesses. And I love it! I love hearing their stories and seeing how much they enjoy the photos. I also love telling my friends and family about these other people and giving them the business that they need to make a living! So here we go.

This is Cat. She is a nurse and an entrepreneur. She has started a business helping individuals save money. Her company is still in the works and I'm so excited to learn more about it. When it's up and running I plan on telling you all about it.

I also had the opportunity to Meet Megan. She is a massage therapist, who has been working for corporate massage companies, but she's taking the leap and branching out on her own. She loves all aspects of massage, but love to focus on cranial therapy. I can say from personal experience, this girl is good! She has taken such good care of me. If you are in Arvada, CO she is your girl Check out her website and schedule a massage with her. Touch of Serenity Massage.

I'm so thrilled to be helping these ladies follow their dream! Stay tuned for more to be featured on Kapture the Moment Photography. In the meantime, if you know someone who needs help launching their business, tell them to give me a call. I'd love to help.

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