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Everyone Has a Story to Tell

Everyone that you know has a story to tell! How has that story shaped you to be the person you are today? Has it made you a stronger person? Has it changed the way you live your life?

These stories deserve to be told and documented. That's what my 40 over 40 project is all about! I want to take beautiful portraits of people who have lived, learned, laughed, loved, hurt, fought, triumphed and even lost. That's what this life is all about and I want to capture that with my camera and display it on beautiful portraits.

Turning 40 for some is a dreadful moment, and for others its awesome. I can personally say that when I turned 40, it was no big deal. I loved where my life was taking me and what I had accomplished. I'm proud of where I am and who I've become. I can say that I have raised (with the help of an awesome husband) 3 boys into successful young men who are creating lives of their own. I can say that I have managed to go back to school, work part time and create a business from the ground up over the past 10 years. This business that I've created wasn't something that I ever planned or thought I'd be doing 20 years ago, but I'll tell you what, I'm so happy that it found me! I have met so many wonderful people, learned and pushed myself to understand and grasp areas that were totally foreign to me, built relationships with other small business owners and entrepreneurs, and have truly found my passion.

Why wouldn't I want to acknowledge that and reward myself with a portrait that shows my strengths, beauty and age?! I'll admit it, I have grey hair, crows feet and a belly. But you know what? I've earned it! You know what else? My family deserves to have a beautiful photo of me to pass down to their kids and their kids. My kids, and even grandkids will be able to show and tell their family, "this was your grandma, wasn't she beautiful?" Be. A. Legacy!

This is my mother! I'm so happy to have beautiful portraits of her.

I encourage you all to think about yourself. What have you done in the first 40 years of your life that got you to where you are now? Then I want you to call me and schedule a consultation and photoshoot. I want to hear your story and then I want to create beautiful portraits to share with the world. Click the link to find out more.

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