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Mint and Serif

To kick off my small business series, I'd like to introduce you to the Lakewood coffee shop, Mint and Serif! Owner, Aurora Hendrix began her adventure 5 years ago after a friend purchased a building and pitched the idea of a coffee shop. She and her family started from the ground up and have grown it into an amazing space that welcomes the community in to relax, work, socialize and meet new people. When you roam around you'll find cozy seating areas, local art pieces for sale, a small plant shop tucked in the back, a large space to host an event or group meeting and an outside patio with heaters and comfortable seating. The shop offers an array of coffee and tea beverages, food items, beer and wine.

Check out her interview below!

How would you explain your business to potential customers/clients?

We are a coffee shop, a community space, an art gallery, and an inclusive safe space to read, study, work, write, or relax with friends.

Do you have employees?

We are a family owned and operated business. My daughter and I are here majority of the time. We do have 2 employees.

Who are your main competitors?

There are other coffee shops close by, but we feel that we are all so different so we don’t really see them as competitors.

What are some challenges that you have come across and how have you overcome them?

In 2019 we had to move our shop. We had to reopen in the middle of a pandemic. That was a huge challenge, but because of our wonderful customers from the old location we were able to survive in our new location.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

We hope to have a rooftop patio on Colfax.

Do you have any specials, gift certificates, or holiday items you’d like to promote?

We sell gift cards. We have electronic & physical gift cards. We also sell holiday gift baskets. The gift baskets are loaded with local art, wine, teas, and coffee. We can also do custom gift baskets.

You can find Mint and Serif on Colfax just east of Wadsworth. Stop in, say hello, grab a delicious coffee and check out the art. You won't be disappointed! Help them grow by liking their Facebook and Instagram !!

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