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Welcome to Kapture the Moment. 

My name is Nicole, photographer and owner of Kapture the Moment Photography.  I specialize in branding, high school seniors, glamour portraits and family photography. 


I am a wife to a wonderfully supportive husband and mom of 3 young men, living in Colorado.

I have 3 loves - my family, my photography and my travel and exploration of the world around me.

With these three loves I can incorporate them into making memories that will last a lifetime.  I can’t think of anything better than creating special memories with my family and for all of my clients.

So, a little about me..... I have always loved taking photos but I didn't realized how much I enjoyed taking them until I had children of my own.  My wonderful husband bought me my first "fancy" camera 11 years ago and I haven't looked back.....well actually I can look back at about 10,000 family pictures, but what I mean is that I have learned through trial and error, many hours of reading and online classes to get to where I am today and I wouldn't change it for anything.  


I have a love for nature and it's one of my favorite things to photograph.  It's my stress relief to get out into nature and snap away!  This is where I get to incorporate my love of travel too.  I could spend my whole day trip or week long getaway taking photos.  I want to document the smiles and wonder of my family getting the opportunity to visit and learn about a new place in our world.


As far as photographing people, I take a relaxed approach to that as well.  There is nothing fun about grumpy kids and parents while trying to get loving family photos!  We are going to be silly, and play and take a very casual approach to capturing the most candid and true images of you and your family.  If the weather isn't cooperating we make the best of it, take it indoors  or reschedule.  I'm flexible!  I look forward to meeting new clients, creating wonderful memories and keepsakes to pass down to generations.

It makes me feel awesome to create images that can be passed down for generations.  My kids think I’m crazy and they get so sick of me taking pictures, but I hope that someday they will appreciate it.  Someday they will love to look through those old photos and show their own kids!  They will sit with each other and have the “do you remember?!” conversation.  The laughs and stories.

That is what Kapture the Moment means to me!

I want to share our moments and hopefully create yours for you.

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