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Play Ball!!!

It's the weekend and we're up at 6:30 am. It's a cold and dreary march morning. This can only mean one thing.....Baseball season has started! For those of you that have kids playing sports you know this routine. Practice 3-4 days a week with just enough time to get homework done and shovel some dinner in before you're out the door. You look forward to the weekends so you can get some down time.....yeah right!

Today the South Jeffco Titan's played their first tournament. I'm not going to was COLD and wet and I was freezing my tush off. I'm pretty sure the kids did too, but they played awesome. Great pitching, fielding and hitting. All of this great effort brought them a win in their second game. Of course my boy got a homerun and guess who WASN'T there to see it? Yep, it never fails, they always get the best play of the day when I'm not watching or present.

So,, here's to a great day of baseball and many more to come. GO TITAN'S!

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