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Mother not my friend

Who doesn't love a good sunset for taking beautiful portraits? Well I can officially say that Mother Nature has not been on my side for quite awhile now. And I haven't seen a dry sunset for my last 3 sessions, she has felt the need to blow in and create havoc. Literally.

The Fyle's family were such troopers! When scheduling a multi family session it can be a challenge in itself. With everyone's crazy work schedules, school, sports and summer vacations, it's tough getting everyone together on the same date, time and location! But they managed it. We endured the wind, rain AND sprinklers to get some very wind blown shots.

In my eyes it was a total disaster. But in the eyes of the family, they loved them! Grandma got such a giggle out of the whole thing.

It may not have turned out to be the picture perfect session, but we all had some laughs and the family actually loves all of their photos!

Mother Nature may have thought she won but I have to shoot her down!

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