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Winter portraits.....kind of

When someone asks me what the weather is like in Denver in the month of January, I would typically answer miserable and cold. But as most of you know that is NOT the answer this year. December and into the new year we have had unusually warm weather, even breaking records! I'm talking 70 degrees and no snow in sight.

Now with that in mind it's been exciting to be able to have a few late season family sessions. My first session was back in November, when honestly, it was colder than it is now.

I had so much fun with this extended family and just loved the way they turned out. This has been one of my favorite locations to shoot for many years now so you can imagine my surprise when my clients suggested this's in their back yard. Literally. I was so excited that we could walk from their back porch and get our photos done.

They are all so photogenic and their little boy was so much fun. He was a little ball of personality!

All in all it was a great session and their portraits couldn't have turned out more perfect.

The only bad thing.....the fact that my flannel blanket that I ordered for my fall outdoor sessions didn't show up in time! Don't you think this blanket would have gone perfectly with their colors? It's perfect for outdoors and any weather. It's go a waterproof and sand proof backing to keep everyone's butt's dry! I would recommend it to everyone, (You can click on the picture and it will take you Amazon and you can buy yours too)

My second session of the winter season was just a few weeks ago. I had a previous client ask to do a multi family session for her mother. She wanted a photo of all of the grandchildren taken while they were all in town for the holidays. How awesome is that? I was really worried as we were scheduled a few days after Christmas and it had been pretty cold and it actually snowed like an inch.....yes, it's a ton I know.

But we lucked out AGAIN! Check out what a beautiful family they have!

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