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Going Tiny

I have a confession to make. I’m obsessed with tiny houses! There I said it. I want one and lay in bed for hours thinking about how I would build it, what it would look like inside, how I cold make mine more functional than any of the others that I have saved on Pinterest. I watch the shows on HGTV and wonder what it would be like to actually live in one. I could totally do it. But then you throw in a husband and 3 growing boys and it kind of puts a wrench in things for me! Because as much as I love my family and vice versa, I’m pretty sure someone would be murdered within a month.

So, maybe someday I’ll get to have my tiny home but for now I just have to settle on visiting them and staying a weekend. I thought it would be a fun idea to take my youngest son on a weekend get away and bring his best friends family along. So we packed up and headed to Lyons, CO for a weekend stay at Wee Casa, a tiny house resort. Yes, it’s a whole little resort of all different tiny homes for rent. I’m not going to lie, it was awesome.

We found one that was capable of sleeping 3 boys and 2 moms. Yes, it was a little tight, but we made it work for 2 days. Besides, we were planning on spending most of our time outdoors enjoying the beautiful Colorado fall weather with lots of hiking and playing. Well Mother Nature decided to change things up on us a bit and it ended up being pretty chilly and raining. We made the best of it, bundled up and headed out. The boys had a great time checking out old abandoned buildings (that they refused to go anywhere near because they are haunted). Chased each other and raced until they were exhausted.

Day 2 consisted of making our way to Estes park for some elk viewing and a beautiful hike. We were able to view the elk from a perfect distance where we were able to hear them bugling, which by the way, is really awesome. The boys would have sat their all day watching and waiting for a standoff between the males.

All in all it was a fantastic mom and boy weekend. I’m looking forward to taking my other boys there this year sometime. If you are in Colorado and have a tiny house obsession like me, you should definitely check the Wee Casa resort out. It doesn’t disappoint!

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