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Adventures and birthdays in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

January 2017 was a big year for me. I turned 40. My husband turned 6 months before and I surprised him with a Caribbean adventure in St. Croix. Therefore, he surprised me with a trip to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. I was super excited!

We took off and headed out for a 5 day adventure to a country that my husband had never been. It was time to explore something new (other than the Caribbean).

We stayed at The Grand Palladium Vallarta Resort and it was beautiful! All inclusive and secluded from the hustle and bustle of the main city only meant one thing. RELAXATION! The resort had multiple pools and areas that catered to all of their guests. From an awesome small kids area to a large all ages pool to the adults only pool, which let me tell you, the view from was amazing. It had an infinity pool over looking the cliffs and as far as you could see into the ocean.

With 4 different restaurants and cafes the food was almost always available. There wasn't anything that was open all day. You had to go by their schedules. Unfortunately we found out the hard way and we weren't thrilled with any of their food. Their main eating area is a buffet and seemed to have the same food every day. Huge disappointment, as I love trying new food. The buffet catered to the American pallet.

The rooms were great and the grounds of the resort were awesome. We were surprised to see that there was a small "zoo" area. After doing some reading we found that they were all animals that were unable to be rehabilitated and therefore could not go back to the wild. Some of these creatures included an ostrich, emu, deer and an alligator or maybe it was a crocodile!

The best part though......the beach! There was a tide pool to hang out in without being knocked around by the waves and a jetty that you could (very carefully) walk out on. but beware of the sea urchins. There were hundreds. You could rent a surfboard and catch a wave or you could lay on a beach chair and take a nap. Unfortunately for us, the weather was pretty cool the whole time we were there. It wasn't really sunbathing weather, but who cares right? I had the sound of the waves and a drink in my hand!

We did manage to get sucked into a timeshare presentation before we even got out of the airport! Our "gift" was a boat ride over to the Marietta's Island for dinner and a show called Rhythm's of the night. Now I don't suggest signing up for the timeshare tour but I would totally pay the money to go to this show again. It was such a beautiful sight to pull up at sunset and see all of the candles and torches lighting up the beach with tables set for a romantic dinner. The show was a jungle themed cirque du Soleil type show. The actors were amazing and it was super entertaining.

For our final day in Mexico we decided to take a taxi to Sayulita, a small fishing and surf town about 30 minutes from our resort. Let me tell you, if I get the chance, I would go back and stay in this little town. It was so pleasant to wander down the streets and see all of the small shops and restaurants. Everyone was so pleasant and generous. It's very hard to get used to the vendors though. Once they see you buy from one, they will swarm you. And seriously, how can you say no to little kids!? We did manage to find a restaurant on the beach that had THE BEST ceviche ever and it went so well with my giant blue drink!

All in all, turning 40 was so bad! I'd do it again in a heart beat lol. This year 41 is creeping up on me and it's not that exciting. But I am looking forward to some 2018 spring and summer adventures.

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