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Dinosaur Ridge

Spring break plans fell apart this year and we decided that we would be staying home. It never fails though, the week that the kids have spring snows. This year wasn't any different. But the nice thing about Colorado in March is that it dumps and melts the next day. So yes we had 3 days of snow, and sun, and now everything is starting to turn green. I couldn't believe that over night our lawn had gone from brown to green. It amazes me every year!

Anyway, due to the snow and my lack of motivation we spent the whole week at home, bored out of our skulls. That is until today when I decided that we were not going to do it again. We finally had a nice day to get out and enjoy some sun., so we decided to drive 10 minutes and go to Dinosaur Ridge. If you've never heard of it, it's a site in Morrison Colorado that has a small museum, dinosaur footprints and fossils along the hogback that backs up to our beautiful Rocky Mountains. Although we have been to it's little museum for the preschool field trips (ages ago) we had never actually done the walking tour to see the footprints and fossils. Another check on our things to do in Colorado list!

If you ever visit Colorado, this is a definite site to stop and see. You can walk it or take a guided tour bus from the main museum building. If you choose to walk it, beware the first half is all uphill! (If you are not from here, beware of getting very winded and knowing the symptoms of altitude sickness! yes, it's a real thing and it can make you very sick or die).

I will have to say, thank goodness for the markers and highlights or I would have never know what I was looking at! But once your actually "see" what your looking at, it all makes sense! It's amazing to me that we have so much beauty and history in our own back yard. Literally, I can see it in the distance from my house. It also just boggles me that these footprints have been able to withstand the test of time, weather and human impact.

We are definitely blessed to have the opportunity to see them in person!

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